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Diane McNeal



Above all else, Nature was Wright’s most inspirational force. He advised students,  “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you.”   The energy of this way of thinking aligns with Diane’s believe that humans must live with respect and in harmony with our Mother Earth, each other and all living things.  If all life on our planet keeps a balance with the cycles of nature, we can help heal our planet and live our lives in overall peace.

I love the rehearsal process, the opportunity to excavate, explore and create until the soul of the dance emerges. Creating is alive and rich with human, honest, collaborative, meaningful commitment and participation. Creativity is my 'sanctuary'. I source what lies within. As choreographer, I must impart intention -- the "WHY" of the dance. Then dancers' movements become potent, awakening consciousness, stirring reflection and making connections with the audience. Artistic energy lifts global vibration to the highest frequencies of compassion, love and peace for all living beings and our planet. Choreographing, performing and teaching, since 1980, as part of the AZ dance community, fills me with GRATITUDE.

Costume Design by Marlina Ramos Kessler

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