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Halley Willcox

beams and bones

bones and beams is inspired by various interviews with Frank Lloyd Wright. It explores his use of organic architecture and the balance between human habitation and nature. This work investigates the fragility and impermanence that bodies and buildings both host and draws attention to the parallels between the two.

Halley Willcox (MFA, BFA) is the director of Methods of Madness Dance Theater, an outlet for her creative work which ranges from experimental minimalism with a sense of adventure to placemaking rooted in community building through dance. She was recently a Dance-Artist-in-Residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada, where she started developing a new work that will premier this Fall. Halley is a Permanent-Artist-in-Residence and Director of Marketing at [nueBOX]. She works as faculty associate at Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University, as well as teaching workshops regionally and internationally. Learn more about her at:

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