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Steven Redondo


Steven’s solo work titled “Ten” is inspired by the romantic relationship between the Taliesin West structure and the desert landscape. The human structures and natural landscape create warm visuals of desert tones and patterns which in turn inspired the costuming and movement phrases.

A dance artist in Arizona for almost 10 years, Steven Redondo has worked with many art organizations, including Phoenix Art Museum, NueBox, and Phoenix Center for the Arts (to name a few). Steven has also presented dance work in a few dance events including Blaktinx Dance Festival 2019, Experimental Art Nights at NueBox, and Breaking Ground 2020. As much as Steven enjoys creating work on others and choreograph movement, most of his work is focused on improvisation. You can find him presenting solos in non-traditional performance spaces like art galleries, hair salons or restaurants. Steven is currently working on curating performance events for up and coming artists in the Downtown Phoenix Area.

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