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Juan Carlos Garcia Gutierrez a.k.a Jay a.k.a “theprinceof.chaos” was born and grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. He found the world of dance at 19 years old - taking his first classes in ballet and Hip-hop at Scottsdale Community College. Questioning what it means to be a dancer and being so intrigued, Juan dabbled in SCC’s program and fell in love with dance through the aspects of film, color theory and lighting design, the choreographic process, music composition and social media management. Juan discovered he was a modern and floor baby gravitating very quickly to modern floor work and breaking forms. His movement is a unique blend of athleticism and gestural work but loves working collaboratively allowing him to utilize dancers' individual strengths but not relying on them. His works are a blend of contemporary with an emphasis on momentum, swing, and free flow, translating into a more release-based work.

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